Make your own butter

My family grew up with a strict rule in regards to food. Food was good, but it could always be better if there was butter on it.

That being said, my love of dairy has been nourished since a young age and as much as I have tried to fight it, I must confess… I am a dairy addict. This post is dedicated to the dairy lover in all of us and for the kid in you that wants to turn your kitchen into a 5th grade science class. Get your glass jars out, clear off a windowsill and get ready for butter and creme fraiche making!

Things you will need

– 1 mason jar

– Cream

– Spoon

– Cold Water

– Salt or flavorings for your butter

– 2 Tablespoons sour cream or yogurt (with active cultures)


Pour cream into the mason jar 3/4 of the way full, tighten the lid and shake!
And shake some more! You can see here that the milk is seperating from the fat, drain off the milk and continue shaking…almost there!
This was after 5 minutes of shaking and here we have butter ready to be washed
Use cold water and the back of the spoon and continuously press the butter against the sides of the bowl, rinsing the water when it gets murky. This was my first wash, as you can see the water is very murky with milk solids
This is 4 rounds of washing, you can tell by the clear water that all the milk solids have been “washed out” which prevents the butter from spoiling quickly.
Now you work out all the water by simply using the back of your spoon and pressing the butter against the bowl. It worked easiest for me to put the bowl on a tilt so the water would visibly pool and I could watch my progress. When no more water pools, you have butter!
Flavor your butter with salt, herbs or spices or just leave it as is (ie. sweet cream butter). Most importantly, enjoy the fruits of your labor a.s.a.p!


I used the same mason jar as I did for the butter, just wash it out and boil it for 5 minutes to avoid bacteria. I added 1 Tablespoon of Yogurt (which had an active culture) and 1 Tablespoon of Sour Cream to 1.5 cups of Cream. Mix well.
Once well mixed, put a paper towel over the top and use the band of your mason jar to hold it down. The creme fraiche needs to breathe so don’t put the full lid on. Let it sit in a warm place ( I used my windowsill) for 24 hours. Then, place in your fridge for an additional 24 hours to let further thicken
And enjoy! I used equal parts cream and creme fraiche to make a tangy whipped cream and served it with honey-cured turkish figs as a refreshing dessert!

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. Feel free to comment and share how you used your homemade dairy products!

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