DIY Sriracha

It’s addictive. It’s garlicky, sweet, tangy and most importantly it has a fruity, spicy heat. It has all of my food groups accounted for so I’m in. After visiting a delicious food truck recently and dousing my galbi taco in Sriracha, the usual question popped into my mind… “Why am I not making my own Sriracha?!” And on that note, here it is.


3 ounces (1 packet)  Ancho Chili, roughly cut

4 large Floral Gem (red) Jalapeno, roughly cut

1 Habanero Pepper, roughly cut

3 Tablespoons Garlic minced

1 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper

1 Tablespoon Salt

Rice Wine Vinegar

White Vinegar

Put all of your ingredients into a bowl and add equal parts rice wine vinegar and white vinegar until all of the ingredients are submerged. Then, cover tightly with plastic wrap and let sit for 24 hours

After 24 hours, Puree the mixture and let sit at room temperature for 2 days in a sealed and sanitized jar. This helps the flavors mellow out and ferment just a tiny bit. After 2 days, bring the mixture to a boil and then let cool. Store and eat within 30 days!

My Sriracha is a little bit darker due to using the Ancho Chili, but feel free to use whatever chili or jalapeno you enjoy to put a personal twist on your very own Sriracha… Enjoy!

This would make an awesome and personalized DIY holiday gift to the spicy food and condiment lovers in your life. Put it in a small mason jar and can as usual or a funky condiment bottle and keep refrigerated!



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